The 3 Smart Options to Keep Your kid Safer Online

The 3 Smart Options to Keep Your kid Safer Online

Kids are more informed, aware of themselves than we were. I know it sounds not so good but it is true. I
was content playing with my polythene and clay dolls that had rugs and leaves for clothes. My son on
the other hand has an expensive taste for toys for someone who doesn’t work. Half the time, he doesn’t
even play with those very expensive toys, he watches videos online, either on my phone, laptop or on
TV. The other day I came home from work and he took my phone, opened the screen lock which I had
not shown him and went on to proceed to YouTube to watch Bat man or Spiderman. An advert popped
up and he promptly pressed it making a purchase from Google store while at it, I only got to know about
it the following day when going through my mail, I almost had a heart attack, 5k for a game? I couldn’t
operate a remote control at his age but little dude knows how to operate a smart phone and even make
an online app purchase. Recent research shows that 75% of kids under the age of 8 are using smart
phones and they know their way around them. A lot of the time that the kids are using the phones, they
are unsupervised. That should tell you a lot.
Do you know what your child is consuming online? We are either too busy at work, or catching up with
our favorite gossip online that letting our kids off with a phone of their own to keep them just a little
busy is the easier way out.
The good news is, there are ways that we can control what our children consume online. There are Apps
that can ensure that you have control of what your children view online. The most recommended Apps

  1. Bark
    They call Bark the assistant online parent. Bark monitors emails and pc based online activities. A parent
    can basically monitor and control what happens on the device, all the emails being sent and received,
    activities on social media, text messages and alerts. This will ease your mind by a great deal knowing
    that your children are only accessing healthy content. However, Bark does not offer location tracking or

geofencing. It does not turn off text messages when time out activates and it costs more compared to
other Apps.

  1. Kaspersky Safe Kids.
    Ranked right after Barks is locally available Kaspersky. It is the ultimate protection fence for all your
    devices whether at home or at work. Kaspersky can cover up to 500 devices at once, so it will be a one
    purchase for the whole family making it easier and affordable for parents to control what their children
    are consuming online. Besides being affordable, it has location tracking and geofencing, screen time
    management, web and App filters as well as YouTube monitoring. Also, it sends alerts when the device is
    low on charge. Your kid won’t have the ‘my phone died excuse when ignoring your calls and texts.’
    Teenagers are notorious. This App however does not monitor emails, does not have uninstall protection,
    social media protection and has limited iOS features.
  2. Family Time.
    This is the most recommended for iOS families. Family Time has extra features like speed limit alerts and
    a contact watchlist. It has location tracking and geofencing, detailed search history reports, text
    messages and call monitoring as well as web filtering and blocking. One purchase can only monitor up to
    5 devices, has no social media monitoring option, no email monitoring and it only has a 3-day trial
    Kaspersky also protects your device from viruses and malware. Windows 10 provides comprehensive,
    built-in protection of your data, family and device via Microsoft Defender, as part of Windows
    Ensure your children are consuming clean content by controlling what they get access to. Also, protect
    your devices.


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