Gifts For Her. Gifts For Him.

Gifts For Her. Gifts For Him.

Valentine’s is coming and for those with significant others, I’m sure you are wracking your heads on what you can get your partner. Stress no more, for I am here to help (haha…I have always wanted to say that, sounds superhero-y). Moving on, Valentine’s is a day of love. I am also aware that some people oppose the idea of Valentine’s but honestly it’s a matter of perspective. I take Valentine’s as a day to really look at love, its benefits. Imagine if every day was like Valentine’s, a day to share/spread love. What a perfect world right?

Anyway, I digress, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. What should you get your significant other? I have curated a list just for you. First things first is to think of what your significant other likes. One thing Corona has brought out is the fact that people are very concerned with fitness. Help your partner, keep their fitness journey on track by getting them a fitness band. This gadget helps them monitor their heartrate, track their steps, work out tracking, sleep tracking and shows text and call notifications. The Mi Smart Band might also help you get even closer especially if you work out. Get yourself a band as well, this way, you and your honey can work on your goals together.

Another thing you can get your partner is a phone. Let me put this in context, maybe you have noticed that your partner’s phone has been acting up. What says attentive and caring than getting her a new phone to help ease her trouble? The good thing is we now have good and quality phones in the market nowadays that are very affordable. Phones with good batteries plus great storage not forgetting that camera quality. She’ll definitely appreciate the gesture and her girlfriends will never hear the end of it. Some of the brands you can look into are Samsung, OPPO, Huawei and some IPhone models If you need a hook up…you know I got you.

Ladies here is something you can get your man. We all know that men are low-key obsessed with things such as sound quality and they are almost always listening to music or using headphones. Why don’t you get him some pods/wireless earbuds/buds? For one, he will no longer have to untangle wires. Most of them have a noise cancellation feature and excellent sound quality. Additionally, if he is into exercise, these is the best gift as they are not bulky and they fit into the ears perfectly. They are not as conspicuous and he can use them anywhere. A good place to start would be the Mi Wireless Earbuds 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Buds, they are both quite affordable, comfortable too. If you asked me, I would say they are the perfect gift for a minimalist.

Something else you might consider getting is a PlayStation. I know, I know the PlayStation 5 is all the rave at the moment, but the PS4 is still a vibe. Its games are readily available and you’ll still have a great experience while using it. Additionally, think about it, if you have the PlayStation in the house, you can teach each other how to play or if you have kids, you could all play together. Have a game night or something, bringing your family closer than ever before.

Something else you can get your partner is a laptop. Especially if they have a job that requires them to stay connected or a passion that requires a laptop. Additionally a laptop can save the day especially if you need the TV to watch a game. She can binge on Netflix as you watch the match. As I said last week, you don’t need to break the bank to get a laptop, there are plenty of affordable laptops in the market. This way, your sweetheart will be happy and you’ll be able to watch your games in peace. Happy wife, happy life.

I know when Valentine’s comes around for some reason we all think roses and chocolates. Maybe it is time to break out of that mold and get functional gifts. Something that will really pass the test of time. Electronics too serve as great gifts and we could all use an upgrade every now and then.

Psst…can I tell you a secret? All the items I have listed above, are currently in stock. Get them now before they run out. Call me on 0715061780 and I’ll get you sorted out.

Happy Valentine’s!

Love, Dee


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