InkJet Ama LaserJet Printer?

InkJet Ama LaserJet Printer?

Inkjet ama Laserjet

After High school, I went to Malindi to stay with my brother. He used to work in a government organization and on most days, I’d go to his office to pass time. I used to help his secretary with filing, I could file in alphabetical orders the whole day, files dating back to very many years before I was born. Dusting, punching holes and filing, I loved it because it made me look useful. One hot afternoon, after enjoying fresh fish and a very cold soda the secretary asked me if I knew how to use a printer. I did not want to look like a mshamba so I said I knew how to. Now, the printer was this big hideous thing that could fit 10 grown men. It was cream in color and had seen its better days, I kid you not, that printer was older than my grandma. She gave me a stack of papers to print and photocopy, and because I had zero ideas on what I was supposed to do, I placed the papers on top of the printer and stood there like I had seen her do countless times. Let’s say that was the most embarrassing thing that happened to me in that office.

Either way, there is no real “winner” in a toner printer vs ink printer comparison. For those with low-volume home printing, consider the Inkjet printers. If you’re going to print at a higher volume, you should explore the LaserJet options.

Fast forward to CBC, where parents have been turned into their kids’ assignment assistants. You come home from work, tired and hungry and you are slapped with homework that requires printing. In most cases, the parents have to go to a cyber café to do the printing, which is more often than not. Here is the thing though, owning a home printer will save you a lot of hustle. Most people are always stuck with; should I buy an Ink printer or a laser printer.  Here are the differences between an Ink Printer and a laser printer.

First, let me give you the short of it.

The biggest differences between inkjet and laser printers is that an inkjet printer uses ink, is suitable for low volume printing, and is the traditional choice for home users, while a laser printer uses a toner, it is ideal for high volume printing, is mostly utilized in office settings but is also suitable and is a more economical choice for home use.

Inkjet printers spray microscopic droplets of ink onto the paper. They are generally cheaper, smaller, and can be used to print both text documents and high quality colored images, especially photos. If you’re looking for a home printer for occasional printing, you can to get an inkjet printer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet.                                                                                 

Some inkjet printers are much cheaper than their laser counterparts. Although you will replace ink more often than toner, models like the HP Desk Jet have proven that you can find an affordable, space-saving printing solution. Inkjet printers are generally best for photo prints.

The only disadvantage of the Inkjet is that the ink will dry out if it sits for long without being used.

Laser printers melt the toner powder onto the paper to create a print. They are more expensive than inkjet printers upfront and uses pricier toner cartridges. They are cheaper economically because of the lower cost of printing per page and their faster print speeds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LaserJet.

The biggest advantages of printer toner and laser printers are the minimal waste and reduction in recurring supply costs. For offices or cooperates who have varied or unplanned needs, a LaserJet is a great way to tackle the business needs. The technology and toner involved with laser printing promises greater reliability with little to no smudges. The laser also brags of fast and excellent speeds.

The only downside part of the LaserJet printer is the cost; they don’t come cheap.

As a rule of thumb, if one requires to print more than 30 pages/week, deciding on a laser printer would be a wise choice as the ‘per print’ cost would be substantially lesser than the ‘per print’ cost of an inkjet or ink tank printer. 


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