Internet of Things: Smart Future

Internet of Things: Smart Future

Internet of Things: Smart Future

Some of the fondest memories I have of my father are of watching football otherwise known as soccer in America. Did you know football means a totally different sport that does not include chasing a ball in the states? You can thank me now, if you may.

I remember one-time Arsenal was playing with Manchester United in the finals of some cup, that day, dinner was prepared early, my elder siblings did not want to miss the match which my dad was also invested in. that meant, only my mum and I were clueless on what was about to happen. A few of our neighbors joined us, we were all focusing on our 14’ JVC TV, how did they make them that small? And Arsenal lost in the penalties, I was so sad for Thiery Henry that I started supporting Arsenal, I still can’t name the whole team without using Google, thank God for that invention.

Last weekend, my brother dragged me to his friends’ house for the Euro quarter finals 2021, the Czech Republic was playing Denmark but for some reason, we could not stream live on the Samsung Smart curved humongous TV mounted on the wall. That was tragic, considering that there were a whole bunch of us ready to scream ourselves hoarse and beer for the guys and a big bag of popcorn for me, don’t give me that look, beer is for people without taste buds. They tried all the urls that they could and a lot of technical stuff but nothing seemed to work, until one of the quiet guys saved the day, literally. He had SmartThings. It is an App he has on his Samsung phone that allowed u to screen mirror the game from his phone to the TV. Looking back at my first football match and last weekends’, I have to admit that we have come a long way, technology has advanced greatly.

Basically, SmartThings is an App that can be downloaded on your phone, then used to control compatible devices remotely from the phone. This is the future people; connectedness. We are already in the age of ecosystem of Internet of Things! Fancy this, you can remotely control light bulbs, plugs, thermostats, door locks, TV and other smart appliances in your home using your phone. You can check what is in your fridge without moving an inch, insane, right? Google, Apple, LG, Samsung are some of the companies leading in creating smart home devices that ‘talk’ to each other.

Imagine living in a smart house, where everything is controlled through on App that doesn’t necessarily have a speaker. Smart home hub is exactly what you need to live that imagination. The SmartThings App is one of the Internet of Things inventions that is enhancing life as it is. Maybe the next time you are buying a smart device or gadget, you may want to consider ‘connectedness within an ecosystem’.

SmartThings, invented by Samsung connects (smart) refrigerators, Tvs, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and clothes driers. The App also supports hundreds of sensors; door sensors, water sensors, motion sensors, smoke sensors and fire sensors.

In addition to that, the App makes it pretty easy for you to keep track of all the connected devices that you have at home and easily change the controls and settings. One can create routines or strings of multiple actions that trigger at sets times of the day. For example, one can have their security lights automatically switch on at 6 in the evening and off at 7 in the morning. Or have the coffeemaker automatically start brewing at 6.30 in the morning. Cool, just cool.

With 5G here, and the number of mart devices in our homes growing, maybe it’s about time we rethink how we buy our electronics and devices. Is it something that you can indulge in?


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