iPhone 13 oh, so so Pro.

iPhone 13 oh, so so Pro.

14 years! That is how long the iPhone has been in the market. We can safely call the iPhone a teenager, yes? The original iPhone was first introduced to the world by the late Steve Jobs, the man maybe gone but his creation keeps getting better and big.

Every year, the developers from Apple promise us big improvements but those improvements are fewer and far between. I mean, a notable improvement on any device should be focused on a better processor, increased storage, or even more RAM, the traditional hallmarks of “pro” in the Mac lineup. This is the third “Pro”-branded iPhone in Apple’s history, and with each iteration, it’s increasingly clear that the moniker is more marketing than anything of substance.

What constituta Pro phone? These days it’s more camera lenses, different materials, and one or two additional features. I digress. Ultimately, the Pro phone is simply the more expensive phone.

The iPhone 13 Pro and, by extension, the Pro Max, which feature-wise is exactly the same this year, with the exception of being larger in each way: chassis, screen, and battery life mainly differs from its standard 13 counterparts in three ways. Do those features make the Pro phones “better”? I want to know, what makes a difference to you when looking at a phones’ specs before making your purchase?

Steel Look

Externally, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 are carbon-copies: they’re exactly the same height, length, and thickness. And yet the Pro is substantively weightier than the normal iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro weighs 204g. A large part of that is because Apple uses stainless steel in the pro phones, rather than the anodized aluminum of the 13 and 13 mini.

As with both the 12 Pro and the 11 Pro, the 13 Pro comes in gold, silver, graphite, and one “special” color. On the 11 Pro it was Midnight Green, on the 12 Pro Pacific Blue, and on the 13 Pro it’s the new Sierra Blue. I have to admit that it looks good.


90% of people are influenced on what phone to buy by how good the camera is. It is the most considered feature in a phone by consumers, I am waiting for you to convince me otherwise. The iPhone 13 Pro’s camera system is the most significant thing that sets it apart from the standard iPhone 13, and it’s undoubtedly what’s going to draw the most attention from prospective buyers. And I don’t want to downplay it: it’s a really good camera. One of the biggest improvements of the 12 Pro last year was the addition of a 2x telephoto lens. This year, the iPhone 13 Pro has upped that to 3x lens.

Screening process

One way to make your phone “pro” for sure is to add just one feature that has “pro” in the name! The iPad Pro was first introduced in the market 4 years ago. For the iPhone 13 pro, it is the feature ProMotion! Job done, book closed. One notices ProMotion on the iPhone 13 pro the second the device is booted it up: from the swiping up of the lock screen to moving between home screens, you can tell that it is a different experience. Better? Mostly, yes.

The best part about ProMotion is the variable part of the equation, which lets it adapt to whatever content is being displayed. So scrolling through web pages, flipping between home screens, or in-app animations feels easy on the fingers. Even better, the variable refresh rate means that when the screen doesn’t need to update constantly.

The conclusion

The iPhone 13 Pro is a superb phone! Pricey, yes but equally a stunner. It is a worthy upgrade from iPhone 13 and 12. Does one need all the improved features? No but if you can afford it, knock yourself out.

Notably, Apple has also improved the weather and navigation apps. Moreover, iPhones can now unlock cars and doors with the help of digital keys, which can be stored in the Wallet application. Individuals with hearing loss can now make adjustments to audio profiles to improve their ability to hear.


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