It’s Time To Reflect Again

It’s Time To Reflect Again

Once again Christmas has come and gone. It’s during the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve that we start thinking about the hopes and dreams we have for the year ahead. If we are being truly honest, this year has forced us to think about our hopes for the future. For our lives were unexpectedly turned around. Things that were once considered wants became needs and things that were thought to be needs of utmost importance were bumped down the scale.

As I write this piece, I can’t help but think about the insanity that has been this year. As insane as it might sound, this has been a great year for some. Some have found love, others have brought forth new life into the world and others have found great success in their lives. On the flip side, however, we have lost a great deal of people, we’ve lost jobs and the economy has taken quite a hard knock. From my perspective, it has taken great strength to keep moving.

I find it weird that things such as WiFi and laptops have become needs. Mostly because we’ve had to adapt to working from home and the children required them to continue with their studies. And for me, drives became a need so as to not only decompress my mind as well as to remind myself of the beauty that is life. I have made more video calls this year than ever before and wore more masks than I ever thought I would need to wear. 

In today’s age, I believe that it would be wrong to say that we’ve taken technology for granted but subconsciously, I think we did. Technology has been the main thing keeping us connected with our friends and family. It has also kept us sane during these trying times. Ironic, isn’t it? The technology we keep on wanting to distance ourselves from, keeps proving to us how deeply we need it.

2020, has written a rather colorful part of the love letter of our life. The part where, we are all unsure whether the main character is going to make it or give up. Here’s to hoping for a 2021 that gives us room to breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. A 2021, we get to enjoy what life has to offer and thrive. Have yourselves a lovely New Year, filled with blessings. Remember to not take things for granted as life is to be savored.

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  • Elfangor Reply

    Indeed, the year has been strange; and I like how you’ve been able to pick out some of the good among all of the bad. Wishing you a better year ahead

    December 30, 2020 at 9:50 pm
    • Dee Reply

      Thank you. Wishing you a happy, blessed and prosperous year ahead.

      December 31, 2020 at 10:08 am


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