New To Working From Home? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find Your Rhythm.

New To Working From Home? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find Your Rhythm.

Working from home can be quite challenging especially when the kids are at home. I have been working from home for a while now and I also know some people who have had to work from home. Every now and then I ask them what they think about the experience and I have come to the conclusion that working from home requires a lot of discipline. You have to sit and decide to work. You have to choose to wake up early and have great strength so as to not be distracted by the comforts that are readily available at home such as the TV and the fridge.

I have adopted adopted various habits that I practice so as to be more productive. One of them is to create a designated working area. I avoid working from the bedroom, that’s because the idea to slide under the covers might be tempting. Having a designated work space settles the mind and helps it focus. Your mind automatically knows that when you sit there, it is time for work. Initially I thought that I would have to buy a study table but, I found laptop stands that basically serve the same purpose. If you are looking for inspiration on how to create your office space, Pinterest has lots of ideas. Browse and create a mood board for it then proceed from there. If buying a desk is not something you are looking forward to, the laptop stand works great as well.

I have also adopted a schedule. I operate on office working hours. I take a lunch break at lunch time and resume to work after lunch break. I adopt an office model even though I’m at home. Schedules help me to be more productive. They help me to maximize on the time that is available. It also helps me plan my day and my mind does not feel as though it is struggling to keep up. However, remember to take a break and if possible, take a walk at the end of your working day if you can. You’ll be surprised by what good a walk can do.

It is important to teach your kids to not disrupt you when you are working. You can keep your kids at bay by keeping them distracted. Get them crafts to try out or activities they can do as you work. You could also lock yourself in your room and work from there. Schedules work wonders for kids as well. If their minds are occupied, they shall not have time to disrupt you from your work. But as you work, don’t forget to check in on them, they need attention too.

Working from home is great but only if you find a pattern that works for you. If working from home ends up being too much, you can work from a hotel/café or a co-working space. Experiment a bit and find what works for you. Do let me know if this tips were of help.


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