No Earphones, A True Buzz Kill

No Earphones, A True Buzz Kill

It’s Christmas time or the festive season if you may and this period has got me thinking. Why is it that every year around Christmas time we all travel to shags? Is there an unspoken rule that says, Christmas time is here and to ushago we shall go? I am just wondering because I have never understood the motivation behind it. But those are questions for another day. Don’t get me wrong I love my family but is Christmas time the only time we can meet?

Today I’ll be talking about the struggles of traveling during the festive season and the small things that we take for granted. I met a lovely lady the other day and I mentioned that I liked her earphones; I couldn’t help but notice they were iPhone earphones. She looked at them then smiled and mentioned to me that her brother gave them to her for free. For a minute there, I looked at her in disbelief, you see in my family none of my relatives would happily and willingly give me their iPhone earphones freely. They would definitely come with a condition or a trade off, basically all the strings they can be attached shall be attached.

As a result we started talking about family and she mentioned that she was going to shags. See, I don’t know why we rush to ushago when everyone is traveling to ushago. The streets are crowded and the buses are stuffy. Additionally, the driver takes this opportunity to share with all his passengers his musical choices. In my opinion, music is subjective. I can’t like what I don’t like and I definitely won’t like it if it’s in a language I don’t understand.

That’s why earphones are important, I wish someone would gift me some because I lost mine but it’s all good I’ll figure it out before we leave. I am almost certain I’ll be stuck in a car for at least 6 hours listening to the same playlist over and over and over again. When I get to shags I won’t be able to avoid certain conversations because….you guessed it, no earphones. Maybe I can get myself a Fitbit and walk around to cover my steps as I avoid that one kid who is always asking me if I have games on my phone. But the experience won’t be the same without music blasting in my ears. Something about music blasting off in my ears makes me feel as though I can conquer the world.

For those of you who have earphones, count your blessings for they’ll definitely save you from boredom. As for me, I shall depend on my imagination to keep myself entertained. By the end of this trip they’ll probably think I have a problem, but all that matters is, I shall entertain myself, somehow. 

From everyone here at Hamjambo, have yourselves a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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