The Search For Love Went Virtual: Swipe Right

The Search For Love Went Virtual: Swipe Right

If you thought everyone was eating, binge watching and stressing during the lockdown, then you are wrong. People were on social media and other dating sites finding love. What? Did you think corona attacked hearts as well? Not exactly. Technology came in handy playing middle ground for people to find each other without actually meeting. I know a couple of people who went on to get married from those virtual meetings to others who woke up to rude awakenings of the double speak of their partners.

Nairobi is a big bedroom, word on the street is; relationships in Nairobi are like hotel rooms, they are defined as per person sharing. Don’t believe me? Ask Bensoul to explain his song Nairobi to you. This may be a small matter for some but, for singles who want an honest partnership its mission critical and challenging finding a partner who they trust and shares the same values.

The dating dynamics have changed so much in the recent past.

Our parents found it easier to find love in church. The reality is, the church is the least common place to find a romantic partner.

Instead, people seem to be looking everywhere but church to find love according to studies. Fewer and fewer religious outfits offer or curate programs where single adults of similar ages can create and develop friendships with the opposite sex.

According to the Washington Post, there are only three ways to meet anyone anymore: through friends, at a bar/restaurant, or online.

We have gone from matchmaking in the past to swiping right to find the love of your life.

Just a few years ago, telling your auntie that you found your partner on a dating site or social media could have earned narrowed eyes and a wildfire gossip reaching far and wide. It was bizarre to even talk about it openly. Actually, finding a partner in dating sites or social media has become easy and commonplace because of technology. Basically, you give your preference of what you want in a partner and the site filters through the many applicants to give you exactly what you want or closer to what you are looking for: the miracle of matching algorithms.

The downside of this is that, some people are not honest. They will write in their profiles characters that they don’t have making it is hard to determine if the a person is genuine by looking through their profile. This has exposed people to more harm, new harm. For takers, we are all urged to take caution when using these sites to find love, even when subscribing for premium or paid services.

Question, what is your experience with dating sites and social media, would you try them?

In love, as in everything else, fortune favors the brave.

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  • SammyG Reply

    Love the punch line fortune favours the brave 🙂 Good read 🙂

    October 14, 2021 at 3:54 pm


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