To Mouse It or Not?

To Mouse It or Not?

In the many confessions that go on Facebook, wait, it is now Meta! that is right.

So this girl recalled her most embarrassing ordeal at an interview that she had attended. She was asked if she knew what a computer was and how to use it, she answered in affirmative to both questions; when they asked her to show them the mouse and power the computer, she took off screaming because why was a rodent part of the interview? Why did they want her to show them a mouse? We both know how that interview ended.

I remembered this story as mums and dads are buying back-to-work & back-to-school laptops for the new year. A number ask, ‘Is a mouse necessary when buying a laptop?’

What do you think?

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of a touchpad vs. a mouse.

The first computer mouse was created in 1974 and has since been improved and recreated now we even have a wireless mouse.

Touchpad Pros

This is the most common on laptops. It is inbuilt so you don’t have to use a mouse.

It does not require a USB port as a mouse would, it is hustle-free.

It does not cost anything since it is already built on the laptop.

It can be used anywhere, on the couch, in bed, or even while traveling.

Touchpad Cons

One has to learn to use the touchpad as compared to a mouse. It may take a while before one can finally use it efficiently.

Touchpads are generally sensitive making them difficult to use. It is harder to control a touchpad than the external mouse.

If you have a laptop and a desktop, it will be hard to go back and forth between the two unless you invest in a really good trackpad.

A laptop touchpad basically limits the user on the amount of space they work with, they only have a few inches. The user has to swipe their finger severally to move the touchpad mouse to where they want it to be.

Computer Mouse Pros

A mouse is a small accessory that can be taken everywhere. It can also be used on different computers or laptops. You simply plug it out and in. If you are using a wireless mouse, you can simply pull the dongle out of the USB port, turn the mouse off and take it with you.

The mouse wheel is a lot easier and faster to scroll as compared to the touchpad. This is more efficient especially when reading or editing a document. See how easy it is to read this article while using a mouse than a touchpad?

Some computer mice have additional buttons on the side allowing you to program them to launch specific applications. This is very handy and can save you time, especially for frequently used applications. With the mouse, there are some applications, (Microsoft Excel comes to mind), that allow you to work a lot faster, and be more efficient.

Computer Mouse Cons

A mouse with a cable can easily get tangled, or the cable can get cut or even get lost putting at a loss and incurring new expenses.

To use an external mouse, there has to be an external port and most computers only have two which may limit the user.

The mouse will require frequent cleaning because of dirt and germs.

The mouse also requires a flat surface to be functional. Some do not work on glass. Also, it cannot be used anywhere like on the couch or bed.


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