Warranty Refurbished Laptops: Saves You Money, Saves the Earth

Warranty Refurbished Laptops: Saves You Money, Saves the Earth

I never knew refurbished laptops were a thing until I lost my brand new laptop in college. My dad had walked into an electronics shop and bought that laptop for me, brand new, then I lost it two weeks later. I was depressed, how was I going to afford 38k for a new laptop? Calling home to ask for another one was definitely out of the question, unless I wanted to be crucified like Jesus or buried alive like a stray cat. One of my classmates came to my rescue, he introduced me to a guy on Tom Mboya street who was selling refurbished laptops from the UK at a much cheaper price.

There is a myth surrounding refurbished or ex UK laptops as commonly known. Here is to demystifying that;

The refurbished laptops are also better than new laptops in the sense that they are thoroughly checked before being sold. Their reviews are authentic and real because they have been used before unlike new laptops that have no concreate reviews from users besides the marketing buzz. We are not saying new laptops are bad, no! We are just saying that you don’t have to sell your kidney to get a good laptop. We even have warranties for the same which when looked at critically, are so much better.

A refurbished laptop could be an upgrade from what you already have depending on the model and year of manufacture. This at a lower cost than buying a brand new laptop, we both know that new laptops don’t come cheap! A refurbished laptop could have a larger screen, increased storage or added programs that might be out of your budget should you buy a new laptop.

You need someone with a broad understanding of laptops when buying refurbished laptops to help you understand the extent of repairs and refurbishment that the laptop has gone through. This will help you to get value for your money.

Refurbished laptops are environmentally friendly, staying in circulation and in use will keep them out of the dump for a while longer. This is actually very good for the environment considering all the chemicals that discarded electronics pass on to the environment. Buy a refurbished laptop and save the earth, literally. However, their life span may not be as long as new laptops.


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