Customer Care Week, Candies or Continuous Love?

Customer Care Week, Candies or Continuous Love?

The customer is always right; this statement is true depending on which side of the stool you are standing on. Some customers can make you crawl out of your skin. Our attitude, bring it on, ‘bila jasho’ na with a smile. So, yes, Bila Jasho the song by Timeless Noel and Jabidii gives you a picture of how we handle even the most demanding customer.

With customer care week beaming, everyone is trying to outdo each other in appreciating their customers from candy to customer messages to appreciating front line workers. Us we are busy telling stories and dancing to Bila Jasho!

This week, reminds me of a little incident.

I once sold a laptop to a client.  It was a new laptop to be precise. A few days later, the client called us and said that the laptop was not working. He was very upset. We took the laptop back and upon checking it, we found out that his son who was using the laptop had installed a game that was eating all the memory in the laptop making it freeze. How could you have handled this?

Let’s just say we handled. The customer today is a friend. They were so elated with how we handled the matter and went ahead, on the own accord, to post on their FB wall.

Customer care is about reaching compromises coming off listening. That gives both of you ultimate satisfaction, it is about reaching a win-win situation for you and your client.

Unfortunately, a lot of institutions lack in this small knowledge, they haven’t navigated the art of customer satisfaction without putting a dent in their own wall. We are definitely trying: continously learning: a continuius commitment to hearing the customer.

As our client can attest, we both walked away with big smiles and on that note, we would like to thank our clients for choosing us, for choosing share their stories with others. Stories that keep us on our toes and remind us who us important, the customer.

May we keep making strides together.

Happy customer care week from all of us at Weave us into your tech story – no sweat!

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  • Kelvin Reply

    Thank u from kelvin formerly great client producer at Bimas limuru..

    October 7, 2021 at 9:25 pm


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